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Roto milling is a cost effective way to change the grade of an existing asphalt surface to avoid a total excavation and haul off of old asphalt pavement

Milling helps to reshape the grade for drainage and to avoid or eliminate existing puddles in roads and parking lots. Milling can also help establish a new crown in roads prior to resurfacing. When resurfacing parking lots, milling is usually first preformed in front of existing concrete entrances and sidewalks to avoid possible trip hazards and liability issues. This enables the paving crew to pave flush with the existing concrete surface and avoid thinning the asphalt down too thin which will crack prematurely.

asphalt roto milling st louis

Installing speed bumps in existing roads and parking lots, Topps will first mill the asphalt surface and pave flush with the existing asphalt around the new asphalt. This helps to avoid snow plows to peal up an otherwise new speed bump which was just paved of an existing asphalt road or parking lot.

Millings ( grinded up asphalt ) are also recyclable and used for an excellent base material in place of inch minus.

For driveway resurfacing and overlays, milling in front of concrete garage pads and sidewalks is an effective means for enabling work crews to pave flush to the surrounding surface.

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